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The academic year 2019-20 begin with General Body meeting on 29/06/2019.

The first Staff meeting at Degree college for the academic year 2019-20 was conducted in the Degree Block conference hall on 11-07-2019. The meeting was all about discussion of calendar of events, work allotments, previous years pros and cons, welcoming new staff and up-gradation of teaching skills, etc,.

Orientation day 15-07-2019: The purpose of conducting Orientation Day is to introduce students to their new college, its environment, rules & regulations and to allow the lecturers at the college to meet their new students. It is our hope that at the beginning of next year all students will return feeling enthusiastic about the year ahead. Even parents were been invited so that they to will have a idea about the college, lecturers, faculties,  it’s activities for the year, rules & regulations, etc,.
Fresher’s Day was celebrated on 17-07-2019 to welcome the 1st year students. All the cultural activities and the complete program was taken-up by 2nd and 3rd year students with the Guidance of Mr. Rajesh, HOD of Commerce and other faculties. It was a great day for the 1st year students and they enjoyed it.
Communication Skills workshop was organised on 27-7-2019 by The nudge foundation. All our students actively participated in this workshop and it was a useful session for them.
Seminar on preparation for placement on 29-7-19: Vidya G, Founder of ETIL Institute carried over a session on Corporate /Industry related training. The team trained students on Aptitude Brilliance consisting Customized aptitude/soft skills/job skills training Program, soft skills.

Student Election:  was organized from 02-8-19 to 10-8-19: 
Students union is often accorded for dedicated to social, organizational activities, representation, and academic support of the membership.

The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and college principles. They often also help to raise funds for college-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and college reform.

NSS Activitity photos on 08-08-2019. Campus Cleaning was done by our volunteers as a sign of service and swatcha bharath. Our Volunteers cleaned the whole campus and gave awareness to primary  and high school children about cleanliness.

We invited Mr. Nidal Ahmed, From Talk To Know, to brief about placement skills to our students on 3rd August 2019. The session concentrated on soul Therapy of inculcating Interpersonal Skills among the students.

Drawing competition on 13-8-19: We at out St. Teresa’s Degree College conducted Drawing competition on account of Independence Day. The objective is to inculcate the patriotism among the students and helping them to express their creativity, ideas and innovations about Independence celebration. The exhibition is conducted for to display the student drawing containing the theme of Independence Day. All teaching faculties observed and selected relevant and excellent drawings. Best drawings were selected and awarded with prizes from 1st to consolation.

Junior Chamber International (JCI), Bangalore conducted a seminar on “Yuva Jagrati-2019” for the students of St. Teresa’s Degree College for Women on 13-08-19. Around 100 students participated in the seminar. The seminar was on the topic ‘Being Positive & importance extending Gratitude’. Resource person guided the students about bringing change in us, stop blaming others, avoiding positivity, thanking every person irrespective of their position, building confidence, sharing happiness, reducing  negative thoughts, practicing sympathy& empathy etc. Students interacted well and clarified their doubts. The Resource  persons were Mrs. Reshma and Mr. Amith.

Independence day celebration 15-8-19. All the blocks of St. Teresa’s Educational Institution  together celebrated 73rd  Independence day on 15th August 2019. The students of different blocks gave cultural performance related to patriotism. Our NSS Volunteers also joined them with a beautiful theme on Taj Attack. And also our volunteers participated in March-past.  The chief guest appreciated the performance .
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Cells inaguration 20-8-19: The programs started through a warm welcome by Ms. Vandana at 9.00 am. The dignitaries watered the plant and gave a green signals to work under academic cells.  The main objective of the academic committee is to oversee the academic affairs of the college and make recommendations to the Principal about academic programs and strategic priorities. We invited manager Sr. Flora to renewal the cells for the academic year 2019-20.

To begin with the academic cell we have IQAC  that is Internal Quality assurance cell , the objective of the cell is promotion of academic environment and inculcating value system. Research Cell Samshodhana, Women empowerment cell, Anti-ragging cell, Anti – sexual harassment cell, Entrepreneurial cell, Grievances Redressal cell & Equal opportunities cell, Placement cell, Counseling cell and Literary club.

FM Radio Mr. Pataka and Mrs. Pataki event was organized on 24-08-19: 
Education is meant not only to nurture the excellence already in a gifted person but also to uplift the no-so-gifted, so student can be equipped to safeguard their interests in education. Along with curriculum there are some other qualities required for a student overall development. In order to remove the stage fear and giving exposure to the students we at St. Teresa Degree College organized FM Radio program.
Its main objective was to improve presentation skills and social proficiency of the students, raising their level of understanding of the social participation and strengthening their knowledge, skills and attitudes among social groups.

NSS-Kaveri calling rally 30-08-19: 

Our NSS volunteer participated in Cavery Calling Programme conducted by Isha Foundation to save River Cavery by planting fruit baring trees across the banks of River Cavery. 50 Volunteers along with NSS Programme Officer Mrs.Mallika and commerce HOD Mr. Rajesh supported Sadguru in his work by giving awareness regarding Cavery Calling Programme how public can join hands in this progamme by donating plants. This is a very fruitful programme where the nature as well as the farmers benefitted.Thanks to ISHA Foundation for giving an opportunity to serve the society.

Teacher’s day celebration 5-9-19: 

On 5th of September 2019, our students organized Teacher Day’s Celebration for all our faculties in the Seminar hall.
The programme started formally by Invoking God’s Blessing. Alice Preethi student of final year B.A welcomed the gathering.
The programme was inaugurated through watering the plant by The Principal and the faculties.
Students entertained all the faculties through their Dancing performance by various streams.
Fun games were conducted for all the faculties and our faculties enthusiastically participated and won many prizes too.
Vote of thanks was given by Sangeetha. R student of final year B.A and refreshment was arranged for the faculties by the students union council.

3 Days workshop on National Education policy draft 2019 was conducted from 11/09/2019 to 13/09/2019. 

On 11th , 12th and 13th September 2019, Monday A “Three day National level Workshop on ‘An overview of National Education policy Draft- 2019” was organized by our college in association with IQAC Department.

The draft of national education policy 2019 was submitted to the MHRD under the chairmanship of Dr. K. Kasturirangan, in this context we organized one day national workshop to give meaningful idea and to create awareness among all the stakeholders of education. The aim of the workshop is to create a platform for discussion, sharing views and giving perspective for understanding the policy.

The workshop started with the inaugural program to invoke god’s blessings through 1invocation dance by our students, in order to render respect towards state Nadageethe was sung. The gathering was welcomed by Mrs. Pratibha HOD Management with the brief introduction about the dignitaries; Management honored all the esteemed dignitaries on the dias.  All the dignitaries were requested to inaugurate the workshop by watering the plant.

Dr. D. Raja Jeba Singh sir delivered key note address in the inauguration, covered the importance of education policies to strengthen the education system of the country with statistical instances.

Dr.  Sr. Jessy Merlin delivered the presidential address by highlighting National Education Policy 2019. Covered the speech by explaining creative and innovative teaching, so how that can contribute in building confidence among students.

The inauguration was wound by the vote of thanks of Rekha D HOD language.

After the inauguration coffee break was provided for delegates to refresh before the technical session.

We welcomed Dr. Niranjan Aradhya to start for Technical session . Dr. Niranjan Aradhya took over the session by briefing about the national education policy and compared with 1986 NPE act. Sir viewed on methods by revolve the policies as per article 20 and 21A and briefed about the fundamental rights chapter 4. (Directive Principles4). Challenges of education also discussed the first session winded up with an overview and the workshop broke for the lunch for 45 minutes; volunteers took take of hospitality, food and service towards the delegates.

The second day technical session concentrated on primary and higher education policies. Chapter 1 policy proposed (plan and learning methods) chapter 2 foundations of literacy reorganizing the present education with new proposals. Needs and infrastructure facilities needed introduction of languages to students. Second day Technical session winded up with explanation of professionalism in education tracking system for teachers etc.

The workshop broke for the lunch for 45 minutes; volunteers took take of hospitality, food and service towards the delegates.

Third day the Technical session concentrated especially to solve the queries raised by the participants about the approach of educational policies. Sir brief the contribution of the education policies to education system. Usage of NEP to construct value based education system.

The workshop broke for the lunch for 45 minutes; volunteers took take of hospitality, food and service towards the delegates.

The Valedictory event taken over by Ms.Vandana, Asst Prof Commerce department. Madam concluded by thanking resource person Dr. Niranjan Aradhya VP and also delegates from different education institutions. Madam appreciated the patience and participation of students from various Education Institutions.

Certificates, attendance and OOD were issued at the end of third day.

St. Teresa’s Degree college and NSS Unit In association with St. Teresa’s Womens T.T.I organized Orientation programme on Safe food, Safe water and Safe air on 11-9-2019. 

St. Teresa’s degree college for women as an NSS activity had organized a seminar on nutritious food – Safe Food. The seminar started at 11.30 am with the brief welcome and introduction of the resource person Ms. Noor Fathima.

Ms. Noor Fathima gave many tips to the students as to how to identify the safe food and start following its usage as in today’s atmosphere there are hardly any food items which are free from chemicals or other harmful ingredients. Madam was very particular in advising the students to avoid  ‘5 WHITES’ , the food items white in colour but are most dangerous. In her talk she explained how cooking oil is been adulterated with dangerous liquids to make it look clean and fresh. she even explained the salt and sugar which we daily use in our cooking are also not free from adulteration. She advised to avoid completely the milk and find other alternative source for vitamins as today’s cow milk is force ably generated by injecting extra hormones to the cow. She also told not to use Maida in food as it causes damages to digestive system. Finally, she advised to avoid ‘5 WHITES’  refined oil, salt, sugar ,milk & Maida and to have healthy food & Life style to live long

The seminar was successful which derived a healthy food habits to all the audience. Mrs.Rekha D delivered the vote of thanks

NSS renewal 16-9-19.

After the Enrollment of NSS Volunteers on 16 September 2019 we Renewed NSS Unit 2019-20 and also celebrated Environment Day in our college by planting different kinds of plants. Our Principal Dr. Sr. Prema   presided over the function as president and inaugurated the Unit by lighting the lamp and watering the plant. In her presidential    address to the volunteers she spoke how NSS will help one to build his or her own personality.   Volunteers took the oath as they are ready to serve the society without any expectations. And  Volunteers also presented a power point on plastic.

CULTURAL FEST 17-09-2019 TO 27-9-2019

Cultural awareness and participation play an integral role in a student’s education. Our cultural programme has a following aims:

  • To give all students the opportunity to be involved in culturally enriching activities.
  • To enrich the students with special talents and a chance to extend themselves and to grow in their area of expertise.
  • This is for preparing our students for real life and strengthening their personal skill such as creativity, confidence, self -discipline, and the ability to work in teams.

On 17.9.2019 Tuesday by 12:30 pm we had started with our cultural activities namely IKEBANA, HAIR STYLE, BEST OUT OF WASTE, NAIL ART, BRIDAL MAKE OVER, MEHANDI , COLLAGE , POT-PAINTING/T-SHIRT PAINTING/GLASS-PAINTING , RANGOLI , COOKING WITHOUT FIRE where we gained the enthusiastic mood of the girls which really changed the atmosphere of the premises. The students gave their fullest participation in all the events.


ITAP Commerce seminar 18-09-2019. 

Career guidance workshop by ITAP – Institute of Taxation and Accounting professionals  was organized on 18-09-2019 from 12.30pm to 1.30pm for Commerce and management students in Seminar Hall.

Mr. Guru Prasad, Founder of Chartered Accountancy firm conducted the workshop by briefing the advent of hundreds of options which are available for the students and their importance to choose the options available based on several criteria.

The assessment was conduct on career guidance and awareness based on the facts like Future growth, Economic factors, competency, a mix of technology and  commerce. Their modus operandi is to give career guidance, catering to all sections of students, irrespective of their marks, their grades, their economic back grounds, and their needs and the aim of the career guidance is to give a road map to the students.

Students were highly benefited by the Session as the session kept forward many options to choose their career.

NSS Day Cancer awareness Program (24-09-2019). 

Intercollegiate cultural Extravaganza at BMS law college on 25 and 27 Sept 2019 LEVIOSA 2019

 Our first year B.Com students participated in Intercollegiate fest which was conducted by BMS law college, Basvangudi. Shalini and group took part in group dance.

Intercollegiate at Vasavi college, Our final year B.Com students Roohi and group of 8 students participated in fashion show at Vasavi college vijaynagar and won 1st prize. Saniya Khanum of final year B.Com presented her paper on “” and won 2nd Prize.

This year also GandhiJayanthi was conducted in our campus as well as at Chamarajpet constituency very beautiful, meaningful and heart touching way. On October 2nd 2019 morning 8 o’ clock our NSS Vounteers  had a assembly in our college campus. We started our programme with  a prayer “Ragupathi  Raghava Raja Ram”. Lighted a lamp infront of Ghandhi photo and showered flowers. Our principal Dr. Sr. Prema  spoke about Gandhi and his views. Later our NSS Volunteers in association with   Bengaluru Veeraru Team contributed to Swatcha Bharatha Programme by cleaning the roads and by painting the walls  of Chamarajpet constituency. They also gave awareness programme about cleanliness to the public.









Being a better women in society – (07 Nov 2019)

The session was driven by Mr. Mathew who addressed himself as a story teller. Where he started with a beautiful story about a girl named Ruby who was very confident girl where Mathew gave a beautiful message for the girls to be very self-confident in the society. He emphasized that empowerment is the process that creates power in the individual over their own lives, society and in our communities. Where people are empowered when they are able to access the opportunities available to them without limitations and restrictions such as in education, profession and lifestyle.

Empowerment includes the action of raising the status of women through education, raising awareness, literacy and training. At last he concluded the session as women’s empowerment is all about equipping and allowing women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems in society.

Altogether the session enriched our girls with the notion of empowerment in the prevailing society.

Inauguration Of Draft Industry Report & Group Presentation Activity – 8/11/2019



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